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3-18-25 GIFted pt 3- Profiling the Prowler SERIES 3-18-25 GIFted pt 3- Profiling the Prowler

Pastor Mike continues the GIFted series with a discussion on…

3-11-18 GIFted pt 2-The Makeup of God's Mission SERIES 3-11-18 GIFted pt 2-The Makeup of God's Mission

Pastor Mike continues the GIFted series with the accounts of…

3-4-18 GIFted pt 1 -Rock Formation SERIES 3-4-18 GIFted pt 1 -Rock Formation

Pastor Mike kicks off this series with a discussion from John…

2-25-18 Keys to Finding Freedom pt 2 SERIES 2-25-18 Keys to Finding Freedom pt 2

Pastor Mike continues and concludes this series by revealing…



In this fun series Pastor Mike uses the popular form of internet conversation known as "GIF's" to talk about the gifts that God has given us

Finding Freedom

In this series Pastor Mike shares both practical and inspirational truths from God's Word to bring freedom to those who have felt imprisoned

2018 Night of Vision

Pastor Mike shares his heart about where he feels God is leading us in 2018 and discusses where we have been as a church in 2017.

Gaining Ground

2018 can be the year that we finally enter into the place that God has been preparing us for. It can be a year of traction!

Special Guest: Jeff Seymour

Special Guest Jeff Seymour joins us for a message from 2 Kings on "Making Room for the Miraculous."

A New Beginning

Pastor Mike kicks off 2018 with a series of messages that remind us of where God is leading us for this year.

Advent at Nations

This special four week Wednesday night series counts down to Christmas through traditional advent services.

Thanksgiving/ Do You See/d it?

Pastor Mike gives a timely series of messages on the importance of gratitude, giving, and sowing the right kinds of seeds in our lives.

Reel Life

In this series we will be drawing from some of the greatest movies of all time truths that take us deeper in our knowledge of God and how He is moving…

Back to Church Sunday

Nations Church was pleased to welcome UGA Tight End Jeb Blazevich to come and share his testimony.


Pastor Mike draws from 1 Peter 3:15 to reinforce that Nations Church exists to REACH the lost, RAISE UP mature disciples, and RELEASE them

A Tale of 3 Kings

Getting to breakthrough from the stories of 3 Old Testament Kings


The struggles in life are real, but so is the God who uses them for big things.

Nations Summer

Nations Summer

Highly Emojinal

Different emotions we all battle with and those that God wants us to experience.


A God Thing called Redemption

God Things

God things take place at pivotal intersections in our lives. A God Thing Is Something He Does IN us, FOR us, and/or THROUGH US.

Planted & Flourishing

There are two decisions that you need to make as a follower of Christ...

Membership Dayz

Hear the heart of Pastor Mike for the culture of our church.

Vision Night 2017

Hear the heart of Pastor Mike for Nations Church in 2017.

The New Normal

What is the new normal? Come and find out.

Tis the Season

Tis the Season to say "Perhaps Today"

Rise Up

It's time to Rise Up in this new season with the Lord.

Now's The Time

Now's the time for back to church Sunday. During this series help bring someone back to where they belong, in the arms of God.

Summer Strong

Keep strong with God in every season of your life.

I'm Impossible

Pastor Mel speaks it is impossible to do things with people, but always possible with God.

Inside Out

Growing healthy from the inside out

The Power of Knowing Who You Are

Pastor Mel Holmes brings a message that God wants you to know who you are, but Satan wants you believe who you aren't.

Vision Sunday

Pastor Mike shares his heart for God's plans for Church of the Nations in 2016.

Good Good Father

God is good good father, a dad who catches us when we fall.

1-24-16 Reducing the Risk

1 Peter 5:8-9

1-17-16 I Keep Asking


1-10-16 Evening of Honor


Now is the Time

Now is the Time

Finishing Strong

Finishing strong this year.

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Do You See What I See?

We can do what He does once we see the way He sees...

The Sin of Pessimism

Find out 8 reasons in Romans 8 to be optimistic.

Keys to Keeping Our Faith in Difficult Days

How can we glorify God even during difficult times?

Understanding the Seasons in Life

Different seasons in life seem out of our control and are often confusing, but we can have faith and confidence that God has a purpose and will use everything…

Reach Athens

It's time to take the 1-2-3 Challenge and experience a life that wins!

God Use Me

God has a calling on your life.

Obey the Vision from Heaven

Sometimes God gives us a new vision for our lives.